Although it has been reported that Mr Ganji spent some of his imprisonment in solitary confinement, details of exactly what happened to him during his time in Evin have not been revealed. Elige un juego de la categoría de Amor para jugar. Nahal Sahabi, 28, and her boyfriend Behnam Ganji, 22, who were both active bloggers, committed suicide four weeks apart after being imprisoned just for being friends with a human rights activist. ’ Their mutual friend Amir said: ‘It’s a story of two young people who were not political, loved each other, and just wanted to get on with their lives, but all of a sudden end up in prison. ’ On Thursday, she was found dead in her room at her parents’ house in Tehran after also taking an overdose. Doe er in deze spellen alles aan om je ware liefde te veroveren. Authorities at Evin prison deny that he is still there and claim to not know where he is. Kleed je mooi aan, verzamel harten of schiet met de pijltjes van Cupido. Juega gratis a todos los Juegos de Amor online. Everyone [in Iran] feels it could happen to them. Ali Zamani posted: Do not despair that the black ravens live longer than the canaries.

RELATED ARTICLES Share After spending a year in prison, he continued his activism, which led to him being banned from attending university and again sought after by authorities. Advertentie Van liefde ga je soms vreemde dingen doen. ‘Maybe if you can understand someone loves you so much, you could return from death. ’ Bloggers in Iran have voiced their views on the tragic tale, with one named Darius posting: Nahal was a girl of love. It is the singing of the canaries that will live forever. On their hunt for Goudarzi, security agents thought to be from Iran’s ministry of intelligence, burst into the men’s flat and arrested both him and his flatmate Mr Ganji, The Times reported. They were both taken to Evin prison on July 31, followed by Ms Sahabi and Mr Goudarzi’s mother being arrested shortly after. Damn you, what am I supposed to do in your absence. She wrote one last blog before her suicide, reading: ‘So it’s Thursday again. Death to the dictator , one blogger wrote   The student is said to have become depressed and committed suicide in his flat on September 1 with an overdose of prescription drugs. Mr Goudarzi however, has not been seen since his arrest and his lawyer told the Guardian by phone that he is still missing.

Amir believes his friend was tortured, while another friend, Farya Barlas, told the newspaper that Mr Ganji and Mr Goudarzi were apparently raped in front of each other by guards. Je kunt ook in een love tester zien, hoe goed jij en je grote liefde bij elkaar passen. A friend of Ganji, named Amir, told The Times his friend was beaten by interrogators in the prison and forced him to falsely condemn Mr Goudarzi as a member of the MEK, a criminal opposition group..
. Mr Ganji was detained for eight days, while Ms Sahabi was held for three days at Tehran’s infamous Evin prison – soon after being released they were both dead. Two Iranian lovers have been described as the modern day Romeo and Juliet after being driven to suicide by their country’s regime. Ms Sahabi, a kindergarten teacher, was apparently not as traumatised as her boyfriend after being released by interrogators, but lived in constant fear of rape after guards threatened to ‘dishonour’ her. Let’s dance together on Thursday once more. Mr Goudarzi, a member of the Committee for Human Rights Reporters (CHRR) had been previously arrested in demonstrations following President Ahmadinejad’s re-election in 2009 romeo and juliet speed dating. ...

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